“Myth-making brilliance” – The Scotsman

ANA was a ground-breaking international co-production between Stellar Quines and Montreal based Imago Theatre. Written by Scottish writer Clare Duffy and Pierre Yves Lemieux from Québec, ANA blends the rhythms of Scots-English with Canadian-French, dissolving the barriers between language to explore a space that words alone cannot describe.

“A beguiling magical-realist epic” – The Herald

Directed by internationally renowned Serge Denoncourt, ANA explored one woman’s story through time and across the globe – a woman who is cursed, who splits at every crossroads, multiplying to escape her own terror to be free. Now overcome by her many incarnations, ANA must face her selves to reconcile her countless existences. 

“The show itself sits somewhere between complete genius and total madness” – TV Bomb

ANA Gallery

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