Catherine Bégin (Québec)

Winning first prize in tragedy, first prize in classical drama, and second prize in modern theatre, Catherine Bégin was 20 years old when she graduated from the Conservatoire National d’Art Dramatique in Montreal in 1959. She immediately began her professional career working in theatre and television and she has not stopped since.

She was a sought-after actress during the golden age of televised dramas in Québec, appearing regularly in many series over 35 years. These days, she performs on stages large and small in Montreal and also works in television, film and radio. She has acted in many plays directed by Serge Denoncourt, including (Oncle) Vania; Teatr (Théâtre de l’Opsis); and Le Pays Dans La Gorge (Théâtre Populaire du Québec).

Bégin won the Prix Victor-Morin for theatre in 1999. She was nominated for best female actress in a supporting role for L’homme en lambeaux at the 2001 Les Masques, winning the award in 2005 for Jouliks and receiving the nomination again in 2007 for Au retour des oies blanches.

She has served on the board of the Union des Artistes, with the theatre commission for the Canada Council of the Arts and for Arts et la Ville. She is also a former president of the Conseil québécois du Théâtre as well as the Académie québécoise du Théâtre.