Video Design

Gabriel Coutu-Dumont (Québec)

Gabriel Coutu-DumontGabriel Coutu Dumont is a multidisciplinary artist creating projects both under his own name and as co-founder of the collectives RACAM, nAnalog and Silent Partners. A trained photographer, Gabriel produces multimedia installations, photography, drawing and graphic arts projects while traveling between Montreal, New York, Mexico, China and Europe. In recent years he has focused on video creation, live performance, and video scenography for sound-art events. Gabriel’s recent work has included video design for two operas and a busy schedule of live shows on the international electronic music scene across various genres, as well as ongoing photography projects. Since 2007, Gabriel has used photography as an object, as raw material for an installative approach. Current photographic projects include Sketches of Synchronicity and S’enfarger dans les Fleurs du Tapis.