ANA received its world première at Espace Go theatre in Montreal, in November 2011. The show then opened in Scotland at Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre in March 2012 and toured to the Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh, the Gardyne Theatre, Dundee, Eden Court in Inverness and The Tron in Glasgow.

Here’s an interview with director Serge Denoncourt from the first days of rehearsal.


Once upon a time there was a play.
Once upon a time there were two playwrights, two countries, two cultures.
Once upon a time there was a woman, a myth, a lie. To paraphrase Pirandello, a woman who would be “one, one hundred thousand, and no one.”
There was history with a capital H and there was a little story, about women and their malaise, on the edge of the abyss. Once upon a time there was theatre filled with magic: possible and impossible, surreal and disturbing.
Once upon a time there was a story: improbable, unusual, strange and mesmerizing.
There was a mother and her child. A child without a mother and mothers without children.
Once upon a time there were artists who wanted to talk about women and their battles with maternity, mental illness, guilt, abandonment and infanticide.
There was a desire to tell you about this complex, fragmented, provocative and unique story, for the simple pleasure of sharing it.
Once upon a time there was a play that allowed for exchanges, disagreements and questions.
Once upon a time there was a play, because it is our life’s work.
In English, in French, in Chinese or Italian, it is often the only thing we know how to do: to tell stories.
And so this evening, with you and for you…
Once upon a time there was ANA…