Byron Toben of the Charlebois Post writes:

After the world premiere opening of the wonderful, thought-provoking play ANA at Espace Go, I wisecracked that it should be subtitled Six Annas in Search of their Mother.

Later, reading director Serge Denoncourt’s program notes, I was gratified to see that he also paraphrased Pirandello to describe the show. The co-authors, Clare Duffy of Scotland and Pierre Yves Lemieux of Montreal spent three years working up a script based on a concept by Clare Schapiro of Montreal and Muriel Romanes of Scotland.

The Charlebois Post also interviewed Pierre-Yves Lemieux, one of the writers of ANA, you can see the interview here.

Twenty Ten and Eleven

Clare and Pierre-Yves work together to complete ANA . Clare goes to Montreal in April 2010. Pierre-Yves Lemieux, Serge Denoncourt and Clare Shapiro come to Edinburgh in June 2010 workshop first draft with actors. Clare goes to Skye to write Act One.

The world is so changeable mama, the birds fly, the waves roll, the stars spin, even the earth moves, very slowly but it does. I hide here and watch the cliff rocks fall into the sea. Even the island there will disappear one day.