Doubling up in style

Neil Cooper of The Herald writes:

These are interesting busy times for Scottish theatre company Stellar Quines.

They are, as you read this, in the midst of premiering Ana, a new bilingual play by Scots writer Clare Duffy and Quebecois playwright Pierre-Yves Lemieux. Co-produced with French-Canadian company, Imago, Ana opened last Tuesday night at Theatre Epace Go in Montreal prior to a Scottish tour in spring 2012.

On the face of it there is nothing unusual about any of this.

July 2008

Stella Quines goes to Imago Theatre in Montreal. The National Theatre of Timisoara do not come, although some Romanian actors take part in the workshops.

There is now a short story and some developing dialogue written by Clare Duffy that we workshop. Marel Pommerlo also writes for the project during this phase.

We talk about madness and depression and splitting and mirrors and how acting is connected to these things.


In September 2007 Stella Quines and Imago Theatre went to Timisoara to continue to work on the idea of Women on the Brink. There was a series of workshops where we got to know more about each other and to share the ideas that had developed since the first workshop. These ideas were presented in the form of short stories and scenes by the writers and short performances by the actors. We presented a short representation of some of these ideas at the end of the week to the public.

We talked about mothers and children and mirrors and reflections and connections.

We told stories in big groups and amongst ourselves.

Amongst ourselves someone told me about finding a dead baby in the street.

I remembered the dead baby found recently in a park in Glasgow and the young mother they eventually took away who had left it there.