In September 2007 Stella Quines and Imago Theatre went to Timisoara to continue to work on the idea of Women on the Brink. There was a series of workshops where we got to know more about each other and to share the ideas that had developed since the first workshop. These ideas were presented in the form of short stories and scenes by the writers and short performances by the actors. We presented a short representation of some of these ideas at the end of the week to the public.

We talked about mothers and children and mirrors and reflections and connections.

We told stories in big groups and amongst ourselves.

Amongst ourselves someone told me about finding a dead baby in the street.

I remembered the dead baby found recently in a park in Glasgow and the young mother they eventually took away who had left it there.

Is this madness or creativity?

In November 2006 actors and writers from the National Theatre of Timisoara, Imago Theatre from Montreal and Stella Quines from Scotland met in Edinburgh to think about this question:

What is the connection between creativity and madness?

At this stage the project was called: Women on the Brink.

We talked about edges, brinks, madness, depression and joyful giddiness.

We wrote poems, played fragments of archetypal female characters, we put boxes inside boxes, inside boxes and we danced with Margie Gillis. We opened up the process to the public at the Traverse theatre as part of the Stella Quines Rehearsal Room event.